Take Your Brand to the Next Level with Stunning Food and Product Photography

Why settle for ordinary? Choose a Food and Product Photographer who delivers extraordinary results within no time!

Hey there!

I’m Kristine Trofimova originally from Latvia, currently Amsterdam based Food and Product photographer with passion for culinary.

I speak English, Dutch, Latvian, and Russian, languages have always come to me with ease.

Through my travels I have learned to enjoy different cultures and cuisines, stories that each dish brings to the table. I believe that food has a character as much as humans do.

Imagine a world where flavors burst, colors pop, and textures come to life. Well, that’s the world I create with my photography. It all started with my dad introducing me to the life of herbs and spices. My style is a blend of vibrant colors, moody vibes, levitating action shots, and unique compositions.

I’m not just a photographer. I’m also a recipe developer and a total food lover. To me, cooking and photography go hand in hand. That’s why food photography was a natural career choice for me. I have a keen sense of flavors and what makes food truly amazing, which helps me capture it in the most mouthwatering way possible.

Can’t wait to chat with you and discuss your project. Reach out to me, and let’s make some culinary dreams and product photography magic come true!

Together, we’ll create extraordinary visuals that will leave a lasting impression.